Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Head in the Sky

I remember being in love with clouds even as a child. Probably because staring up at one made you reflect about your own insignificant place in the world.

Then I read this book and this, and now I'm obsessed. I stare at the sky all the time truly enraptured by nature's wonder in creating these gorgeous pillowy creations. To me, clouds' ephemeral nature, their very transience, make them especially appealing.

I spotted another beauty today. If I have it down right, she's an arcus, cumulonimbus. The demarcation between the cloud and the clear sky is remarkable--it's almost like an army invading a town. Minutes later, the sharp "arc" in "arcus" had disintegrated. So I am happy I got the shot I did and grateful for Sudheer who took this picture and who indulges this obsession of mine (and many others) every day.

If you're interested in cloud-spotting, consider checking out The Cloud Appreciation Society.

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